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Unfortunately no. But no worries though! Thanks for attempting :) usherwordz

No problem! :) I found another video of him being interviewed on the red carpet and made one GIF from it, gonna upload it now!

I’m really happy that the video for 'She Came To Give It To' You was finally released! And I really like the concept of the video, the whole underground club scene was cool. But why Lord, why is it not on Usher’s Vevo channel? Can someone explain this to me?

Why would you put an official video on UsherTV which has less that 150 thousand subscribers compared to UsherVEVO which has nearly 1.5 million subscribers? Does this make sense to anyone?

People are literally asking in the comments section on the ‘She Came To Give It To You - Teaser’ (which was released on VEVO) “Does anyone know when this video is going to drop? Where’s the video? Why hasn’t he released it yet?” Therefore people who want to see the video are having to be redirected to his personal channel.

Usher…I love your music, I grew up listening to you, and I’m gonna continue to support you but..

What is this foolishness?

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